Snowmaking equipments became a must in every ski resort. The water quality used to produce snow is very important to prevent any kind of ground pollution. SITA is able to furnish and offer a wide range of dedicated units for the disinfection of water without any chemical component.

Weather changes has reduced natural snowfalls and therefore ski resort has sought for a technology able to help them and to enlarge the ski season. Last generation snow guns have much better performances and are able to keep the resort full of snow for long times. More and more water is therefore used for this specific scope and the need to prevent bacteriologic pollution for the ground has started to be an important issue. Usually SITA prefers to use his Medium Pressure series for this application because of the compact design of these units, easy installation and for the wide range of flow they can cover (from 33 m3/h to 4000 m3/h). The last generation of the control panel is able to communicate with any kind of PLC and the UV system can therefore be consider as part of the Pumping station.