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Swimming pools

SITA has been designing and building UV disinfection systems for swimming facilities for more than a decade. From the private pool to the large water park, SITA offers a solution to suit any need.

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In many situations, in order to keep the concentration of combined chlorine (a byproduct of chlorine disinfection) under control, massive daily water changes are traditionally carried out, accompanied by periodic hyperchlorination.

For some years, mainly in Europe and in some Italian swimming facilities, a different technique has been gaining popularity, namely the introduction of disinfection systems that take advantage of ultraviolet radiation.

These systems, commonly used for disinfection of water for human consumption, if equipped with medium-pressure lamps (which provide multifrequency emission), are able to demolish chloramines through photochemical action. 

In fact, the installation of the UV reactor in the treatment chain makes it possible to reduce the combined chlorine by more than 50%, resulting in savings by the system operator both on the daily water change (several cubic meters of water not to be heated) and on the use of chemicals for hyperchlorination.

Below we report the objective results provided to us by the operator of a swimming facility in northern Italy.

  • Tank volume:

     600 m3

  • Treated flow rate

    210 m3/h

  • SITA SMP UV system

    35 (*)

  • Average Combined Chlorine Reduction:

    > 60%

  • Average Daily Savings in Water Recycles:

    20 m3/day

  • Average Monthly Savings in Water Recycles.

    520 m3/month

  • Reduced Average Frequency of Hyperchlorination BEFORE AFTER

    1 every 7 days 1 every 90 days

Added to these results is the improvement in the quality of the swimming facility both because combined chlorine is the main cause of eye burning and the pungent smell of the pools and because UV ensures total disinfection of the water fed into the pool.

To these results is added the qualitative improvement of the swimming facility both because the combined chlorine is the main cause of burning eyes and the pungent smell of the pools and because the UV guarantees the total disinfection of the water introduced into the pool.

Some application examples:

We have a UV systems for any type of pool, from water parks to the smallest pool!

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