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SITA UV offers different solutions for any type of cultivation and pollution present in the water. Low or medium pressure lamps with automatic quartz cleaning system.

Which units can you use for this application:

Today, more and more pathogens are resistant to disinfection by chemicals; therefore, a properly sized UV system becomes essential in agricultural crops.
The UV system can be used in any type of cultivation. In particular, it turns out to be by far the best method in hydroponic cultivation. In fact, UV rays do not alter in any way the nutrient solution needed for cultivation.
Obviously, the UV system must be sized according to the pollution present in the water (bacteria, fungi, viruses etc). Both low and medium pressure lamps can be used.
Also very interesting is the possibility of having a system with an automatic cleaning system to keep the quartz in excellent working condition.
Of course, in this way no chemical disinfectants are added avoiding unpleasant by-products. The culture is therefore less "stressed" and of higher quality.

Some application examples:

Which is the most suitable UV system for irrigation use?

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