Naval industry

UV disinfection units are very important and SITA equipments are able to satisfy all possible needs.


Well Boats are peculiar boats studied and build up to keep the fish alive during the trasnsportation. It is very important that during the voyage the fish maintains unaltered his quality and characteristic. The water of the tanks, where the fish are placed, is usually changed in a regular way. Both fresh and used water must be correctly treated.
Water treatment process is a fundamental part of this vessels and the UV unit plays a very important role. SITA has developed for this reason a special series of medium pressure units able to treat up to 4000 m3/h. Thanks to very powerful lamps SITA UV reactors are very compact and even the control panels have a reduced size. SITAUV is a must when installation space is limited. The UV Reactor is resistant and specifically designed for on board application. All the details are studied to grant a long life even with the extreme working conditions that are often present in vessel’s technical areas. A fully automatic quartz sleeves and sensor cleaning system ensure an optimal dose to pathogens in the water. Thank to a dose pacing function lamp power is adapted automatically preserving any waste of energy.