This technology can be used anywhere you have a water tap has point of use: in houses, in offices, in restaurants, in sport’s centres, in exhibition halls, in malls, in caravans, in vessels and many more places.


  • LED technology (NO UV lamp)

    LED technology (NO UV lamp)

  • Plug and play

    Plug and play

  • Easy installation

    Easy installation

  • Energy and maintenance cost saving

    Energy and maintenance cost saving

  • Small size

    Small size

  • Unlimited ignitions without preheating

    Unlimited ignitions without preheating

  • Long life

    Long life


MIOLED is ready to be connected directly to your kitchen faucet. It turns on instantly when water passes. It guarantees disinfected water with very low power consumption. It can be combined with a pre-filter.

Point of use disinfection

Point of use disinfection

Bacteriological barrier

Bacteriological barrier